Hello Braves!

Dear Braves Readers,

The ACT NOW website shows how widespread violence against women is. For all the incidents of violence against women that are reported there are many, many more that we do not know about. Most women suffer in silence. At the same time there are many women who have had the courage to stand up to the perpetrator. Through sheer courage and bravery they have overcome the violence that they endured and started a new life for themselves and their children. There are also others who have helped women who were subjected to violence to be free of such violence. We invite you to share your experience of how you overcame your problems especially related to violence against you or how you helped a member of your family, a friend, or a stranger to come out of an abusive or violent incident.

Your stories will inspire others and encourage them to take a stand against gender based violence and violence against women.  Please share your story with the ACT NOW team and the readers of this site.


The Act Now Staff